asset recovery attorney

Asset Recovery, foreign judgment enforcement

If you have a judgment from another state, and even from another country, (foreign judgment), it is likely that we will be allowed to submit it in Florida courts.

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Banking Litigation

Financial litigation includes civil, criminal, and/or administrative charges, and investigations into financial and financial transactions and entities including banks, mortgage lenders…

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Breach of Contract Claims

In a perfect world, business agreements would be entered into, the outcome would benefit and satisfy both sides and there would be no controversy.

Breach Fiduciary Duty

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Fiduciary Duty is when a party has a responsibility towards the bests interests of another party, for instance, the Board of Directors of a publically…

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Business & Consumer Fraud

Business fraud refers to illegal activities carried out by an individual or company in an untrustworthy or unethical manner. This type of business fraud is frequently intended to benefit the …

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Commercial Collections and contract dispute claims

Are you a business that has outstanding account receivables?  Do you need additional resources dedicated to recouping your losses? In collecting a …

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Commercial Landlord Tenant Dispute

Florida Commercial lease regulations are complicated and differ significantly from residential lease laws, particularly when it comes to evictions. Unfortunately, because of their expertise with residential law…

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Commercial Litigation

General commercial litigation encompasses virtually every type of business dispute, including breach of contract cases, partnership/joint venture disputes, …

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Commercial Real Estate & construction litigation

Jonathan Hempfling and Gil Singer are skilled real estate and construction defect lawyers. They have represented commercial and residential real estate owners and developers…

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Complex Commercial and multi-party disputes

Most lawsuits are relatively common.  Almost any experienced business lawyer can adequately handle a single issue, single jurisdiction case.  This is not the case with complex litigation.

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Defective Product Defense

Sellers and Manufacturers have legal strategies to help avoid legal liability for injuries caused by a defective or dangerous product….

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Franchise Law

You want your franchisees to portray your company as a franchisor accurately. Our franchise attorney in Florida can assist you with the following services, whether you are a first-time franchisor…

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Fraudulent Conveyance

When a debtor commits fraud, our state has two separate and distinct statutes to assist creditors. Based on their testimony and documentation, a debtor may appear to be insolvent and…

NDA & Non Competition Agreements Disputes

NDA & Non-Competition Agreements and Disputes

Consequences of a Breach of either a Non-Compete or a Non-Disclosure clause depend on the type of breach and can lead to a variety of penalties.

Officer Director Liability

Officer & Director Liability

 Liability can exist for officers and directors when they cause financial harm to the corporation, act solely on their own behalf and to the detriment of the corporation, or commit a crime or wrongful act. In addition, certain acts may subject an officer or director to personal liability. 

Partnership Disputes

Partnership Disputes

When starting a new collaboration, it’s critical to do your homework. You should also consult with a knowledgeable Florida business dispute lawyer to ensure that you have a well-drafted partnership agreement in place. In a partnership dispute, your agreement is one of your finest defenses.

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Protecting Business Relations

The most valuable assets of a company are frequently those that cannot be seen or touched. The attorneys at Florida Business Litigation (a division of Marcaids Singer PA)…

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Tortious Interference with Contract

Tortious interference is a common law tort that allows a plaintiff to sue a defendant for damages if the defendant wrongfully interferes with the plaintiff’s contractual or business relationships…

Marcadis Singer PA

Tortious Interference with Prospective Relationships

Contracting parties have the right to perform their obligations without interference from others. Interference with a contract may give rise to tortious interference with contract performance…

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Unscrupulous, Unfair, or Oppressive Business Practices

An unlawful business practice, also known as illegal business practices, is a practice in a business setting that violates the law. Here are some examples of illegal business practices…

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