Complex Commercial and Multi-Party Disputes

Most lawsuits are relatively common.  Almost any experienced business lawyer can adequately handle a single issue, single jurisdiction case.

 This is not the case with complex litigation.

Complex Multi Party Commercial Litigation

Every business will likely face litigation at some point.

Most lawsuits are relatively common, involving real estate or vendor disputes, perhaps intellectual property rights infringement, or employment law.  Regardless of the type of litigation, the legal matters are generally between 2 parties and are typically a single issue.

Almost any experienced business lawyer can adequately assist you in resolving these issues in the best possible way.

This is not the case with complex litigation.

Comprehending Complex Litigation

While any lawsuit can be complicated, complex litigation refers to a specific type of large case that businesses may face.

Some of the factors that define a Complex Litigation action include

  • Any court battle involving multiple parties
  • Amu court battle involving in multiple jurisdictions
  • Litigation where large sums of money are at stake
  • Lawsuits involving lengthy trials
  • or when highly complex legal issues are involved.


Complex Litigation is the kind of lawsuit that can attract a lot of media attention, and it will almost certainly cost the company a lot of time and money, even if you win the case.

Complex Commercial and Multi-Party Disputes Quick LInks

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Lessening the impact of Complex Litigation on my business?

Complex litigation necessitates an expert touch, or cases can drag on for months or even years, depleting your company’s vital resources.

Rarely will a typical corporate lawyer be able to handle the massive amount of due diligence required in these cases.  A corporate attorney is also not likely to quickly sift through the data to determine the key issues – and the best course of action to address them.  The best attorneys know when to call in a firm focused on complex multiparty lawsuits, a firm like Florida Business Litigation, a division of Marcadis Singer PA, dedicated to complex litigation.

Trusting a lawyer with experience in other complex cases involving similar legal and factual issues is best to mitigate the impact of complex litigation.

Lawsuits classified as Complex Litigation

Class action lawsuits, contract disputes involving subcontractors, international arbitration, and even simple sale of goods agreements across state lines that go awry can all lead to fairly complex legal battles.

These involve unique legal issues that corporate law attorneys without complex litigation experience are unlikely to encounter.

Unless your attorney is aware of any obscure laws that may apply, your company may end up paying a large sum, especially since complex litigation can result in thousands, millions, or even billion-dollar judgments.


Consider All Your Options in Complex Litigation

A trustworthy complex litigation attorney will not simply show you how to win a case in court.

They will assess other options honestly, telling you when an out-of-court settlement will have the most negligible impact on your company or when a summary judgment in your favor may be available.

To minimize the effects of the lawsuit on company operations, they will prioritize minimizing court expenses and protecting your good name and bottom line.

At Florida Business Litigation (a division of Marcadis Singer, PA), this means staffing cases as efficiently as possible to achieve results without allowing litigation costs to spiral out of control.

As our society becomes more litigious, even small businesses are frequently subjected to complex litigation exceeding the ability of their usual business lawyer to handle.

Fortunately, some lawyers can help to mitigate the impact of these complex and costly lawsuits.

Suppose your company is facing a lawsuit that appears to be more complicated than you anticipated. In that case, it may be beneficial to speak with a complex litigation attorney today to determine whether you require special assistance.

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