NDA & Non-Competition Agreements and Disputes

NDA & Non Competition Agreements Disputes


Disputes Over Non-Compete Clauses

What Are Some Disputes Regarding Non-Compete Clauses?

When an employee begins working for another company after signing a non-compete provision indicating that they will only work for their present employer, a non-compete clause dispute might occur.

A non-compete provision, also known as a non-compete covenant, prevents a person from working for or with another company.

  • Failing to notify the employer of employment or projects with other companies is a common cause of non-compete agreement issues.
  • Hiring other employees while still employed by the company
  • Unauthorized disclosure of company trade secrets or information
  • Allowing competitors access to company products or displays

As a result, the majority of non-compete agreements focus on the protection of proprietary or sensitive information. They may also concentrate on ensuring the employer’s employment status with a single company.

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Are Non-Competition Clauses Legal in Every State?

Some states oppose non-compete clauses, claiming that restricting workers’ employment opportunities under a contract is unfair. Florida Law recognizes the legitimacy of a non-compete agreement. Businesses in Florida can reach agreements with their employees that limit their capacity to compete with the company for a specific amount of time. The agreement must, above all, be reasonably essential to safeguard a legitimate commercial interest.

Hiring a Lawyer for Non-Compete Agreement Advice

Non-compete agreements are frequently complicated. If you need help with an employment or contract dispute, especially one including non-compete language, consult with one of our employment lawyers. FL Business Litigation can assist you in analyzing the agreement’s language or help you draft a contract to comply with Florida. In addition, if you need to appear in court, we are, at our core, litigators.

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