Commercial Landlord Tenant Dispute

Commercial Landlord Tenant Dispute


​Commercial Landlord-Tenant Attorney in Florida

Unlawful Detainer (Eviction) Lawyer for Business / Commercial

Florida Commercial lease regulations are complicated and differ significantly from residential lease laws, particularly when it comes to evictions. Unfortunately, because of their expertise with residential law, many firms and business owners often make decisions based on what they think to be the law. This can result in a costly error, putting their business and property at risk in a legal battle.

In commercial landlord-tenant disputes, FL Business Litigation represents landlords. We support landlords when tenants fail to perform their lease covenants, such as;

  • refusing to maintain the property in an acceptable state,
  • failing to complete tenant improvements,
  • and failing to pay rent on time.

The unlawful detainer process when evicting those with no right to be in the property, those that are not paying rent, and there is no ease or rental agreement, and no landlord/tenant relationship is another trap for the unwary. Again, minor procedural errors can result in a decision in favor of the “tenant”.

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The real estate litigation attorneys at FL Business Litigation are knowledgeable in all facets of commercial landlord-tenant law in Florida. In addition to preparing and analyzing business leases for clients, we also provide litigation and mediation services for landlords, and property managers in issues involving:

  • Unlawful detainers (evictions) to obtain possession
  • Failure to pay rent
  • Breach of lease and past due debt collection
  • Lease termination agreements
  • Breach of a lease covenant
  • Rental deposit disputes
  • Tenant improvement issues
  • Misrepresentations in leasing

FL Business Litigation represents commercial landlords in issues including collecting overdue rent, evictions, and security deposit issues.

We understand how challenging and unpleasant these Landlord-Tenant disputes and litigation may be for you. However, there are precise laws and legal standards for dealing with these conflicts. Therefore, when you need a legal advocate to help navigate the legal intricacies of landlord-tenant disputes, it’s time to call FL Business Litigation.

Reviewing and negotiating a lease and entering into a long-term lease as a property owner can put you in a vulnerable position. When conflict arises, you will be grateful for a lawyer, well-versed in the risks and issues, especially a lawyer prepared to litigate.

Do These Landlords’ Questions Sound Familiar?

  • I’m experiencing trouble with a non-paying tenant, how am I going to evict them?
  • What is the procedure for filing a FED (forcible entrance and detainer) action?
  • Can I collect rent from an evicted business renter? Is it necessary for me to go to court to get a judgment?
  • What is an evicted renter’s obligation to pay rent?
  • What responsibilities do I have as a landlord if I evict a commercial tenant?
  • What are my options for recouping property damage losses?
  • Am I entitled to the modifications made to the property by my tenant?

The following is a representation of our Commercial Landlord-Tenant Practice areas :

  • Eviction papers
  • Estoppel certificates
  • Three-day notices for breach of lease
  • Improper CAM charges
  • Eminent domain defense
  • Letters of demand
  • Foreclosure notices
  • Unlawful detainer
  • Assignments
  • Tenant improvements
  • Rental agreement drafting
  • Breach of contract
  • Retaliatory evictions due to tenant complaints
  • Landlord-tenant premises liability
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