Business Contingency Fees in Florida.

One of the most important skills in running a successful business is the ability to weigh risks and rewards both here in Florida and across the country. Taking chances can have a huge advantage – but only if the risks are worthwhile.

You can distinguish your business from your competitors by taking calculated risks, building your client base, and making plenty of money.  The opposite is also very true.  Taking the wrong risks, can lead your company to financial ruin, and may even can end up before the court in a worst-case scenario.

The great news when working with Florida Business Litigation, a division of Marcadis Singer, PA, is that we are prepared to work on a contingency fee basis.   This means that the risk of the outcome of your financial case, rests with our firm.  Our firm, should we mutually decide on a contingency fee based service, get’s paid, when you win.  If you don’t win, you could owe nothing in legal fees.

Here is what you should know about contingency fees.

The most important factor in a company contingency fee arrangement is that there are no initial charges. Instead, when you win, and are awarded compensation,  your lawyer receives a percentage of your settlement or judgment. In other words, unless you receive an award, yoar attorney is not paid.

that probably sounds apealing,  but what if the court doesn’t rule in your favor or you don’t get a settlement?  If you should happen to lose in court, you are not at all responsible for attorneys fees, when you engate a law firm on a contingency basis.

While we always give our best, your own peace of mind is probably much higher knowing that our attorneys are representing you in an “all or nothing” basis.  Your attorneys are absolutely motivated to go the extra mile when they assume the risk of the lawsuit outcome.

Many people on vacation hate pulling out their wallet for every dinner and every coctail, which is what makes all-inclusives so popular.  The same holds true to a contingency fee relationship with your attorney.  You don’t need to worry about being billed in 10 inute increments for everphone call, every time you call.  Instead, at the end, we share in the proceeds, assuming that there are any.

It is important to have a frank discussion about this type of arrangement during the first meeting of your prospective lawyer. the Florida Bar, the governing agency for every attorney in the Florida, states “an early agreement concerning fees will prevent surprises and misunderstandings for both the client and the lawyer.”

After discussing all the details, ensure, in accordance with the ethics rules of Florida, you must receive the contingency agreement in writing. These rules require ““signed by the client and any lawyer or law firm who will be paid under the contract.”

The continegency fee agreement stipulates the percentage of the lawyer’s recovery, other charges that may  be deducted, and there are other charges, how these charges will be deducted.

If interested in engaging in a contingency styled agreement for your business litigation, contact us today.


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